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Bilateral visual loss due to a giant olfactory meningioma

Jung, Jesse J; Warren, Floyd A; Kahanowicz, Ronit
Olfactory groove meningiomas can present as large and insidious masses in the anterior cranial base. Due to their location and minimal clinical symptoms, these tumors can go undetected until they have grown extremely large. We present a clinical case and discuss the surgical management of a 63-year-old man who presented for an initial eye examination with bilateral visual loss for over 2 years due to a giant olfactory meningioma encompassing his entire frontal lobe and compressing on his optic nerves.
PMID: 22419855
ISSN: 1177-5467
CID: 161190

Iritis and iris atrophy after eyebrow epilation with alexandrite laser

Elkin, Zachary; Ranka, Milan P; Kim, Eleanore T; Kahanowicz, Ronit; Whitmore, Wayne G
PURPOSE: To report a case of bilateral iritis and transillumination defects after laser hair removal of the eyebrows with an alexandrite laser. METHODS: A 41-year-old male presented with bilateral eye pain and mild photophobia 2 days after receiving alexandrite (755 nm) laser epilation of both eyebrows. Examination showed visual acuity of 20/20 in both eyes, 2+ conjunctival injection in both eyes, 1+ cells in the anterior chamber of right eye and trace cells in left eye, poor right pupil dilation, and left pupil without movement. Intraocular pressure and fundus examination were normal. He was diagnosed with iritis and iris atrophy, associated with laser epilation. Topical steroids and cycloplegic drops were prescribed for 1 month. RESULTS: After 1 month of treatment, transillumination defects remained in both eyes, but greater in right. In dim light, the right pupil was 4 mm and oval and the left pupil was 6 mm and round. Visual acuity remained 20/20 in both eyes. CONCLUSION: Laser hair removal of the eyebrows can lead to permanent ocular damage even with eye protection, and should be avoided.
PMID: 22205833
ISSN: 1177-5467
CID: 158254

Multi-focal ERGs and visual fields in diabetic patients with macular edema [Meeting Abstract]

Greenstein, VC; Holopigian, K; Seiple, W; Kahanowicz, R; Katz, A
ISSN: 0146-0404
CID: 53242