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Ambulatory cassette EEG in absence epilepsy

Keilson, M J; Hauser, W A; Magrill, J P; Tepperberg, J
Absence epilepsy is associated with bursts of generalized 3 Hz spike-and-wave activity. Even very brief bursts may cause an alteration in the level of consciousness and impaired reaction time. We studied 15 patients, ages 5-16 years, with absence epilepsy using 8 channel ambulatory cassette electroencephalography. All patients demonstrated multiple paroxysms of generalized spike-and-wave discharges, most of which were asymptomatic. Because patients with absence epilepsy may not accurately report seizure frequency, periodic long-term monitoring may be required which is accomplished easily on an outpatient basis with ambulatory cassette electroencephalography.
PMID: 3149472
ISSN: 0887-8994
CID: 177809

Left-handedness in dementia [Letter]

Drexler, E D; Miller, A E; Keilson, M J
PMID: 6504341
ISSN: 0028-3878
CID: 177810