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On the anti-anxiety properties of a new benzodiazepine, ORF 8063

Sakalis, G; Pearson, E; Kermani, E; Gershon, S
PMID: 4196787
ISSN: 0011-393x
CID: 67495

"Aggression" -- biophysiological aspects

Kermani, E J
PMID: 4897341
ISSN: 0012-3714
CID: 67491

Physiologic aspects of depression

Kermani, E J
PMID: 4872001
ISSN: 0028-7628
CID: 67492

Psychiatry in Iran

Kermani, E J
PMID: 5902509
ISSN: 0002-953x
CID: 67493