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Individual differences in ability of persons with hemiplegia to track by means of limb-generated voltages [Meeting Abstract]

Gianutsos JG; Cohen JM; Chin C; Kim SH; Grynbaum BB
ISSN: 0003-9993
CID: 66770

Sensory conduction study of distal radial nerve

Ma DM; Kim SH; Spielholz N; Goodgold J
The technique of recording superficial radial sensory nerve action potential (SNAP) from the thumb was compared with that of recording from the 1st web space. The spread of stimulus to the median nerve in the forearm when stimulating the radial sensory nerve with relatively high intensity was also investigated. Recording the radial SNAP from the 1st web space produces a larger amplitude response with a sharper takeoff point compared with that of recording from the thumb. Furthermore, with the former technique, the radial SNAP is uncontaminated by a component arising in the median distribution which makes interpretation of its configuration more reliable
PMID: 7316712
ISSN: 0003-9993
CID: 64279