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Early Identification of Acute Respiratory Distress Disorder in the Absence of Positive Pressure Ventilation: A Need for a Dedicated Randomized Control Trial to Determine Attainability

Kochoumian, Elise; Mina, Bushra; Esquinas, Antonio M
PMID: 30216317
ISSN: 1530-0293
CID: 3962342

Tumor with the features of both squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma (melanocarcinoma) [Case Report]

Kochoumian, Elise; Kazlouskaya, Viktoryia; Mangold, Aaron; Lal, Karan; Maia-Cohen, Sandra; Elston, Dirk M
Combined tumors of malignant melanoma (MM) and squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) are extremely rare and have unknown biological potential. Different theories of their development, including collision and dual/divergent differentiation, are proposed. Although some observations suggest an indolent course for such tumors, a case of MM metastasis was reported in a patient who initially presented with a combined MM-SCC tumor. Re-excisions of such tumors may show MM in situ and should be treated accordingly. Herein we present another case of a combined MM-SCC tumor in a 78 male patient with lentigo maligna seen after complete re-excision of the tumor.
PMID: 26009723
ISSN: 2229-5178
CID: 3962332