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Skin-limited relapse of systemic anaplastic large-cell lymphoma

Farhadian, Joshua A; Terushkin, Vitaly; Meehan, Shane A; Kornreich, Craig
Anaplastic large-cell lymphomas (ALCLs) are agroup of CD30-positive non-Hodgkin lymphomasthat are linked by common morphologic andimmunophenotypic features but have varyingclinical and genetic characteristics. The World HealthOrganization classification currently recognizes threesubtypes of ALCL: systemic anaplastic lymphomakinase-positive ALCL, systemic anaplastic lymphomakinase-negative (ALK-) ALCL, and primary cutaneousALCL. Here we present a 42-year-old man with ahistory of systemic ALK- ALCL, who was in remissionfor six months before relapsing with skin-limitedanaplastic large-cell lymphoma.
PMID: 28329531
ISSN: 1087-2108
CID: 2494572

Lupus miliaris disseminatus faciei

Cymerman, Rachel; Rosenstein, Rachel; Shvartsbeyn, Marianna; Meehan, Shane A; Kornreich, Craig
Lupus miliaris disseminatus faciei (LMDF) is a rare, inflammatory condition, which is characterized by red-brown and yellow-brown papules on the face, with characteristic involvement of the eyelids and with histopathologic findings of suppurative and granulomatous folliculitis and dermatitis. The etiology of this disease is not known, but retinoids, anti-inflammatory, immunosuppressive, and antimicrobial medications are utilized to treat the condition with variable results. We present the case of a patient with LMDF that has thus far been refractory to treatment.
PMID: 26990343
ISSN: 1087-2108
CID: 2051362

Possible photoactivated dermatitis with features of post-inflammatory pigmentary alteration (PIPA) and rosacea

Orme, Charisse M; Shvartsbeyn, Marianna; Meehan, Shane A; Kornreich, Craig; Ramachandran, Sarika; Soter, Nicholas A
Cutaneous flushing and facial erythema are common dermatologic conditions that elicit a wide differential diagnosis that includes rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis, photodermatitis, connective-tissue diseases, carcinoid syndrome, and mastocytosis. Herein we present an usual case of a mask-like rosacea-PIPA overlap that occurred in a patient with prior history of rectal carcinoid tumor and a negative systemic evaluation.
PMID: 26990328
ISSN: 1087-2108
CID: 2047402