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Assessing the Efficacy of a Breastfeeding-Friendly Quality Improvement Project in a Large Federally Qualified Health Center Network

Rosen-Carole, Casey; Waltermaurer, Eve; Goudreault, Monet; Larimer, Allison; Pokharel-Wood, Miriam; Rajupet, Sritha; Kouba, Nafila
BACKGROUND:Provider attitudes can influence breastfeeding decision making, initiation, and duration, although much of this research has suffered from a "hospital-limited view." OBJECTIVES/OBJECTIVE:This study aimed to evaluate the effect of a Breastfeeding-Friendly Initiative (BFI) on knowledge and attitudes of providers and staff, as well as breastfeeding rates of patients within a large Federally Qualified Health Center network with no lactation consultants on staff. METHODS:We evaluated breastfeeding rates before and throughout the BFI. In addition, surveys of 136 primary care providers and staff before and after they were exposed to a breastfeeding education module were assessed to measure changes in breastfeeding knowledge and attitudes. RESULTS:Breastfeeding initiation and duration improved over the course of the BFI, with mean breastfeeding duration increasing by nearly 1 month following the education module compared with baseline rates (P = .01). Following participation in the breastfeeding education module, we observed a statistically significant improvement in provider and staff knowledge (P < .01) and attitudes (P < .01). These improvements were consistent across employment type, gender, geography, and personal experience as a parent. CONCLUSION/CONCLUSIONS:Implementing a BFI in a large multispecialty primary care network was found to improve breastfeeding initiation and duration up to 1 year, with a further increase in breastfeeding duration of 1 month following a 45-minute staff education module. After exposure to this module, health care providers and staff across our network improved in breastfeeding knowledge and attitudes. Given that expectant and new mothers regularly come into contact with staff and providers in primary care, sound knowledge and positive attitudes toward breastfeeding appear to have had a favorable effect on mothers that correlates with improved breastfeeding duration.
PMID: 26497362
ISSN: 1552-5732
CID: 2910412

A SWI/SNF- and INO80-dependent nucleosome movement at the INO1 promoter

Ford, Jason; Odeyale, Oluwafemi; Eskandar, Antonious; Kouba, Nafila; Shen, Chang-Hui
Transcriptional activation in yeast INO1 chromatin was studied using the indirect end-labeling technique. INO1 chromatin is organized into an ordered, overlapping nucleosomal array under repressing conditions. Nucleosome positions were only disrupted at the promoter region under inducing conditions in the presence of SWI/SNF and INO80. Mutants lacking either remodeler demonstrated identical positioning patterns as the wild type under repressing conditions. This indicates that these two remodelers are responsible and essential for local nucleosomal mobilization at the INO1 promoter. The area of local nucleosome movement is consistent with the previously identified region of histone deacetylation activity. In light of these findings, we suggest that nucleosomes subject to local mobilization are also targets for local histone modifications.
PMID: 17681272
ISSN: 0006-291x
CID: 4889932