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Cultural and Structural Humility and Addressing Systems of Care Disparities in Mental Health Services for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color Youth

Yan Li, Annie Sze; Lang, Qortni; Cho, Jang; Nguyen, Vinh-Son; Nandakumar, Shankar
This article draws into focus the role of cultural and structural humility in shaping a mental health system that can address the mental health disparities for BIPOC youths. In an era of growing diversity in the United States population and a calling out of racism and discrimination on an interpersonal and systemic level, the commitment to a lifelong engagement of cultural awareness and an openness to reflect and critique, is whereby mutual partnerships between professionals, patients, and clinician themselves can strengthen. This hallmark tenet of cultural humility is actively being adopted into community programs and academic health care institutions as ways to improve the mental health understanding and needs of BIPOC youths.
PMID: 35361363
ISSN: 1558-0490
CID: 5201342

Let"™s talk about race

Chapter by: Marsh, Akeem Nassor; Cox, Lara Jo; Linick, Jessica; Lang, Qortni A.
in: Not Just Bad Kids: The Adversity and Disruptive Behavior Link by
[S.l.] : Elsevier, 2022
pp. 569-594
ISBN: 9780128189542
CID: 5199252

The 4th Schizophrenia International Research Society Conference, 5-9 April 2014, Florence, Italy: A summary of topics and trends

Abayomi, Olukayode; Amato, Davide; Bailey, Candace; Bitanihirwe, Byron; Bowen, Lynneice; Burshtein, Shimon; Cullen, Alexis; Fuste, Montserrat; Herrmann, Ana P; Khodaie, Babak; Kilian, Sanja; Lang, Qortni A; Manning, Elizabeth E; Massuda, Raffael; Nurjono, Milawaty; Sadiq, Sarosh; Sanchez-Gutierrez, Teresa; Sheinbaum, Tamara; Shivakumar, Venkataram; Simon, Nicholas; Spiteri-Staines, Anneliese; Sirijit, Suttajit; Toftdahl, Nanna Gilliam; Wadehra, Sunali; Wang, Yi; Wigton, Rebekah; Wright, Susan; Yagoda, Sergey; Zaytseva, Yuliya; O'Shea, Anne; DeLisi, Lynn E
The 4th Schizophrenia International Research Society Conference was held in Florence, Italy, April 5-9, 2014 and this year had as its emphasis, "Fostering Collaboration in Schizophrenia Research". Student travel awardees served as rapporteurs for each oral session, summarized the important contributions of each session and then each report was integrated into a final summary of data discussed at the entire conference by topic. It is hoped that by combining data from different presentations, patterns of interest will emerge and thus lead to new progress for the future. In addition, the following report provides an overview of the conference for those who were present, but could not participate in all sessions, and those who did not have the opportunity to attend, but who would be interested in an update on current investigations ongoing in the field of schizophrenia research.
PMID: 25306204
ISSN: 1573-2509
CID: 1309872