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Weight gain in an eating disorders day program

deGraft-Johnson, Ama; Fisher, Martin; Rosen, Lisa; Napolitano, Barbara; Laskin, Emma
BACKGROUND:Day treatment programs have increasingly become an important level of care in the medical and psychiatric management of patients with eating disorders, yet there is little in the literature describing the weight gain patterns of patients in these programs. METHODS:Weight gain accomplished by 198 patients admitted to a day program over a 2-year period was studied. Weight gain was analyzed by demographic, diagnostic and program-related variables and was compared for weekdays and weekends. RESULTS:The mean length of stay was 2.6 weeks and patients gained a mean of 2.1 pounds (0.95 kg) in the program. Approximately one-quarter of patients lost weight, one-quarter gained 0 to <2 pounds (0.9 kg), one-quarter gained 2-4 pounds (0.9-1.8 kg), and one-quarter gained more than 4 pounds (1.8 kg). Weight gain was greater in those with a diagnosis of anorexia nervosa or eating disorder not otherwise specified (compared to bulimia nervosa), a longer time in the program, and a lower body mass index on admission. Patients gained more on weekdays, while in the program, than on weekends, when they were home. CONCLUSIONS:The data showed that most patients accomplished modest weight gains during a relatively short stay in an eating disorders day program, demonstrating what can be expected for this level of care in the current healthcare environment.
PMID: 23337049
ISSN: 0334-0139
CID: 5348362

A mind apart: understanding children with autism and asperger syndrome:a mind apart: understanding children with autism and asperger syndrome [Book Review]

Laskin E; Fornari V
ISSN: 1044-5463
CID: 56036

Leading minds : an anatomy of leadership

Gardner, Howard; Laskin, Emma
New York, NY : BasicBooks, 1995
Extent: xi, 400 p. ; 24 cm
ISBN: 9780465082797
CID: 5373572