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Deployed: One Pediatric Department's Experience of Adult Care During COVID-19

Hodo, Laura Nell; Douglas, Lindsey C; Lee, Diana S; Bhadriraju, Srividya; Wilson, Karen M
OBJECTIVES:The number of hospitalized coronavirus disease 2019 patients in March 2020 to April 2020 in our New York City hospital required increased physician staffing, including deployment of pediatricians to adult care. To improve the deployment process, we sought to understand the mindset, preparations for, and experience during deployment of pediatric faculty in our institution. METHODS:test were used to compare groups. Free-text responses were categorized by topic. Survey responses were shared with leadership in real time and adjustments to the deployment process made. RESULTS:= 16). Dissemination of details about schedules and role clarification before deployment were areas for improvement. CONCLUSIONS:Pediatric faculty facing deployment to adult care have concerns about the process of deployment as well as the work itself. Specific information distributed in advance, along with consistent and frequent communication, may help mitigate these fears.
PMID: 34117092
ISSN: 2154-1671
CID: 5477442

Cross-Cultural Differences in Attitudes about Aging: Moving beyond the East-West Dichotomy

Chapter by: Lockenhoff, Corinna E; Lee, Diana S; Buckner, Katherine ML; Moreira, Rashidat O; Martinez, Stephanie J; Sun, Mary Q
in: Successful aging : Asian perspectives by Cheng, Sheung-Tak; et al (Eds)
Dordrecht : Springer, [2015]
pp. 321-337
ISBN: 9789401793308
CID: 5266662