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Sim/QI: A Novel simulation based curriculum for meaningful achievement of resident Patient Safety milestones

Weber, Laura; Leifer, Jessica; Shin-kim, Janice; Parthak, Soma; McCnamara, Shannon
ISSN: 1936-9018
CID: 4955422

A novel method for creating custom shaped ballistic gelatin trainers using plaster molds

Doctor, Michael; Katz, Anne; McNamara, Shannon O; Leifer, Jessica H; Bambrick-Santoyo, Gabriela; Saul, Turandot; Rose, Keith M
Simulation based procedural training is an effective and frequently used method for teaching vascular access techniques which often require commercial trainers. These can be prohibitively expensive, which allows for homemade trainers made of gelatin to be a more cost-effective and attractive option. Previously described trainers are often rectangular with a flat surface that is dissimilar to human anatomy. We describe a novel method to create a more anatomically realistic trainer using ballistic gelatin, household items, and supplies commonly found in an emergency department such as the plaster wrap typically used to make splints.
PMID: 29374397
ISSN: 1876-7931
CID: 3123452

Renal Agenesis: A Bedside Sonographic Finding in a Patient with Flank Pain [Case Report]

Leifer, Jessica H; Frasure, Sarah E; Lewiss, Resa E; Saul, Turandot
PMID: 26054311
ISSN: 0736-4679
CID: 3218692