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Retroperitoneal lymphangioma: an unusual location and presentation [Case Report]

Wilson, Sean R; Bohrer, Stuart; Losada, Richard; Price, Anita P
PMID: 16516648
ISSN: 1531-5037
CID: 3004302

Chemohormone therapy of metastatic melanoma with megestrol acetate plus dacarbazine, carmustine, and cisplatin

Nathanson, L; Meelu, M A; Losada, R
BACKGROUND:Chemotherapy with dacarbazine, carmustine, and cisplatin produces a modest objective response rate in melanoma. Megestrol acetate may ameliorate cachexia, abrogate drug resistance, and increase survival time in melanoma. METHODS:Nineteen patients with metastatic melanoma (16 evaluable) treated with dacarbazine (220 mg/m2/day for 3 days, intravenously [IV]), cisplatin (25 mg/m2/day for 3 days IV) every 3 weeks, and carmustine (150 mg/m2 IV single dose every 6 weeks) together with megestrol acetate (160 mg/day by mouth continuously) starting 2 days before chemotherapy. RESULTS:This regimen was well tolerated and resulted in a mean net weight gain of 1.45 kg. A 47% objective response rate was observed in all patients, including visceral sites of response, with a 39+ week median duration of response and median survival time of 16.7+ months in all evaluable patients. CONCLUSIONS:In this small Phase II study, the authors showed that megestrol acetate may contribute to a high objective response rate and prolonged median survival when used with a chemotherapy regimen of dacarbazine, carmustine, and cisplatin.
PMID: 8275444
ISSN: 0008-543x
CID: 3004322

Cecal volvulus: the CT whirl sign [Case Report]

Frank, A J; Goffner, L B; Fruauff, A A; Losada, R A
Cecal volvulus is a rare, but potentially fatal, cause of intestinal obstruction. As computed tomographic (CT) scanning is often the initial diagnostic test in patients with acute abdominal pain, we reiterate the importance of the "whirl sign" in diagnosing intestinal volvulus. We report the first description of the CT diagnosis of cecal volvulus.
PMID: 8508096
ISSN: 0942-8925
CID: 3004332

Salpingoureteral fistula: CT appearance [Case Report]

Huang, A B; Fruauff, A; Ferragamo, M; Goffner, L; Losada, R A
Laparoscopic laser surgery is becoming increasingly common as treatment for endometriosis. We report a case of computed tomographic (CT) demonstration of salpingoureteral fistula secondary to laparoscopic laser surgery.
PMID: 1290209
ISSN: 0171-1091
CID: 3004312