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Mitigating Racism and Implicit Bias in Psychiatric Notes: a Quality Improvement Project Addressing How Race and Ethnicity Are Documented [Letter]

Nash, Emily; Perlson, Jacob E; McCann, Ruth; Noy, Gad; Lawrence, Ryan; Alves-Bradford, Jean-Marie; Akinade, Tolulope; Perez, Diana; Arbuckle, Melissa R
PMID: 37016174
ISSN: 1545-7230
CID: 5454562

Frontline Redeployment of Psychiatry Residents During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Villarin, Joseph M; Gao, Y Nina; McCann, Ruth F
PMID: 33019860
ISSN: 1557-9700
CID: 5454552

Can the Medical Humanities Make Trainees More Compassionate? A Neurobehavioral Perspective [Editorial]

Shalev, Daniel; McCann, Ruth
PMID: 31933116
ISSN: 1545-7230
CID: 5454532

Redeployment to COVID-19 Care Is Like Treading Water but Deeply Gratifying

McCann, Ruth
ISSN: 0033-2704
CID: 5454572

On Agitation

McCann, Ruth
PMID: 32176913
ISSN: 1539-3704
CID: 5454542

So Happy Together: The Storied Marriage Between Mitochondria and the Mind [Comment]

McCann, Ruth F; Ross, David A
PMID: 29628043
ISSN: 1873-2402
CID: 5454522

A Fragile Balance: Dendritic Spines, Learning, and Memory [Comment]

McCann, Ruth F; Ross, David A
PMID: 28645359
ISSN: 1873-2402
CID: 5454512

Neuropsychiatric aspects of other infectious diseases

Chapter by: Harder, j; Gupta, R; McCann, Ruth; Gonsalvez, I
in: Kaplan & Sadock's comprehensive textbook of psychiatry by Sadock, Benjamin J; Sadock, Virginia A; Ruiz, Pedro (Eds)
Philadelphia : Wolters Kluwer, [2017]
pp. ?-
ISBN: 1451100477
CID: 5454582

When painkillers become a pain

Silverman, Jerald; Timm, Karen I; McCann, Ruth; Wyatt, Heather; Gerow, Lynn; Crispino, Caroline
PMID: 12040379
ISSN: 0093-7355
CID: 5454502