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Cigarette gifting among non-smokers in China: Findings from the International Tobacco Control China Survey

Lyu, Joanne Chen; Sung, Hai-Yen; Yao, Tingting; Jiang, Nan; Quah, Anne C K; Meng, Gang; Jiang, Yuan; Fong, Geoffrey T; Max, Wendy
OBJECTIVE:To examine the percentage and correlates of giving and receiving cigarettes as gifts among adult non-smokers in China. METHODS:We analyzed non-smokers (N=1,813) aged ≥18 years using data from the International Tobacco Control China Wave 5 Survey. Descriptive statistics summarized the characteristics of those who gave and received cigarettes as gifts. Multivariable logistic regression models were used to identify factors associated with the two behaviors. RESULTS:Among non-smokers, 9.9% reported giving cigarettes as gifts to family or friends in the last 6 months. Higher level of knowledge about smoking harms was associated with lower adjusted odds of gifting cigarettes. Non-smokers aged 25-39, with middle income, positive attitude toward cigarette gifts, exposure to anti-smoking information and smoking promotion, and those who reported receiving cigarettes as gifts from family or friends were more likely to give cigarettes as gifts. 6.6% of non-smokers reported receiving cigarettes as gifts in the last 6 months. High education, neutral or positive attitude toward cigarette gifts, exposure to anti-smoking information, exposure to smoking promotion, and having smoking friends were associated with receiving cigarettes as gifts. CONCLUSIONS:It is concerning that Chinese cultural norms that support cigarette gifting have extended to giving non-smokers cigarettes as gifts. Effective anti-smoking messages are needed. Changing the norms around cigarette gifting and increasing knowledge about smoking harms should help reduce cigarette gifting among non-smokers. IMPLICATIONS/CONCLUSIONS:Easy access to cigarettes received as gifts, along with the wide acceptance of smoking in China, places Chinese non-smokers in a risky position. More educational campaigns targeting non-smokers to proactively prevent them from smoking are called for.The ineffectiveness of existing anti-smoking information highlights the need for more effective anti-smoking messages.That attitude toward cigarette gifts is the strongest predictor of giving cigarettes as gifts suggests a need for interventions to reverse the positive attitude about cigarette gifting in order to decrease the popularity of this activity.
PMID: 36574502
ISSN: 1469-994x
CID: 5435192

Increased CD4+CD25+FoxP3+ regulatory T cells in the blood of nonresponders after standard hepatitis B surface antigen vaccine immunization [Letter]

Yang, Zhao; Wang, Li; Niu, Wei; Wu, YuZhang; Zhang, JingBo; Meng, Gang
PMID: 18304878
ISSN: 1521-7035
CID: 133873