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AKI in COVID-19-Associated Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C)

Lipton, Marissa; Mahajan, Ruchi; Kavanagh, Catherine; Shen, Carol; Batal, Ibrahim; Dogra, Samriti; Jain, Namrata G; Lin, Fangming; Uy, Natalie S
Background:Multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C) is a recently identified entity in association with COVID-19. AKI has been widely reported in patients with primary COVID-19 infection. However, there is a paucity of literature regarding renal injury in MIS-C. We aim to characterize AKI in MIS-C in this cohort identified at a major children's hospital in New York City during the COVID-19 pandemic. Methods:We conducted a retrospective cohort study of children 0-20 years old admitted to Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital (MSCH) between April 18th and September 23rd, 2020. Patients were included if they met criteria for MIS-C on the basis of CDC guidelines. All patients were evaluated for the presence of AKI, and AKI was staged according to KDIGO criteria. Results:=0.01) when compared with those without AKI. No differences in body mass index or sex were found. Conclusions:Although children with MIS-C may develop AKI, our study suggests that most experience mild disease, swift resolution, and promising outcome. Older age, increased inflammation, and left ventricular systolic dysfunction may be risk factors. Our study highlights the substantial differences in epidemiology and outcomes between AKI associated with pediatric MIS-C versus primary COVID-19 infection.
PMID: 35373052
ISSN: 2641-7650
CID: 5232532

Eculizumab treatment for renal failure in a pediatric patient with COVID-19 [Case Report]

Mahajan, Ruchi; Lipton, Marissa; Broglie, Larisa; Jain, Namrata Gargee; Uy, Natalie Somera
While there are increasing reports of acute kidney injury among hospitalized adults with COVID-19, there is still limited information on renal complications associated with COVID-19 in children. The cause of kidney involvement in COVID-19 is likely multifactorial, and appears to involve a complex process, including complement dysregulation and thrombotic microangiopathy. We present a pediatric case of COVID-19 and renal failure due to thombotic microangiopathy, successfully treated with eculizumab.
PMID: 32981025
ISSN: 1724-6059
CID: 4998542

Role of pediatric nephrologists in managing adults with AKI due to COVID-19 [Editorial]

Lipton, Marissa; Kavanagh, Catherine R; Mahajan, Ruchi; Jain, Namrata G; Uy, Natalie S; Dogra, Samriti; Lin, Fangming
PMID: 32588224
ISSN: 1432-198x
CID: 4998532