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Persistent Legionnaire's disease in an adult with hairy cell leukemia successfully treated with prolonged levofloxacin therapy [Case Report]

Cunha, Burke A; Munoz-Gomez, Sigridh; Gran, Arthur; Raza, Muhammad; Irshad, Nadia
Legionnaire's disease (LD) manifests most commonly as an atypical community acquired pneumonia (CAP) with systemic extrapulmonary manifestations. Disorders associated with impaired cell mediated immunity (CMI) are particularly predisposed to LD. Hairy cell leukemia (HCL) is a rare B-cell lymphoproliferative leukemia associated with decreased CMI. LD has only rarely been reported in HCL. We present a most interesting case of persistent LD in a elderly male with HCL who required prolonged antibiotic therapy.
PMID: 26021547
ISSN: 1527-3288
CID: 3433592

Post craniotomy extra-ventricular drain (EVD) associated nosocomial meningitis: CSF diagnostic criteria

Muñoz-Gómez, Sigridh; Wirkowski, Elizabeth; Cunha, Burke A
Because external ventricular drains (EVDs) provide access to cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), there is potential for EVD associated acute bacterial meningitis (EVD-AM). Post-craniotomy, in patients with EVDs, one or more CSF abnormalities are commonly present making the diagnosis of EVD-AM problematic. EVD-AM was defined as elevated CSF lactic acid (>6 nmol/L), plus CSF marked pleocytosis (>50 WBCs/mm(3)), plus a positive Gram stain (same morphology as CSF isolate), plus a positive CSF culture of neuropathogen (same morphology as Gram stained organism). We reviewed 22 adults with EVDs to determine if our four CSF parameters combined accurately identified EVD-AM. No single or combination of <4 CSF parameters correctly diagnosed or ruled out EVD-AM. Combined our four CSF parameters clearly differentiated EVD-AM from one case of pseudomeningitis due to E. cloacae. We conclude that our four CSF criteria combined are useful in diagnosing EVD-AM in adults.
PMID: 25659927
ISSN: 1527-3288
CID: 3433522

Meropenem delirium: a previously unrecognized neurologic side effect [Letter]

Munoz-Gomez, Sigridh; Gran, Arthur; Cunha, Burke A
PMID: 24571247
ISSN: 1973-9478
CID: 3433392

Fever of unknown origin (FUO) due to Legionnaire's disease [Case Report]

Muñoz-Gómez, Sigridh; Cunha, Burke A
Fevers of unknown origin (FUOs) may be due to any of over 200 different disorders. We present a most unusual case of an FUO in a returning traveler from the Dominican Republic. Work-up for Q fever, Brucellosis, Bartonella, malaria and HIV were negative, but very highly elevated ESRs and ferritin levels suggested possible Legionnaire's disease. This is the third reported case of Legionnaire's disease presenting as an FUO.
PMID: 25444558
ISSN: 1527-3288
CID: 3433482

Dengue fever in a returning traveller from El Salvador: another cause of a false positive Monospot test [Case Report]

Cunha, Burke A; Munoz-Gomez, Sigridh
PMID: 24698735
ISSN: 1873-0442
CID: 3433412

Recurrent Fever of Unknown Origin (FUO) Due to Periodic Fever, Aphthous Stomatititis, Pharyngitis and Adenitis (FAPA) Syndrome in an Adult

Muñoz-Gómez, Sigridh; Cunha, Burke A
FAPA syndrome (periodic fever, aphthous stomatititis, pharyngitis and adenitis) is a relatively new entity described in pediatric patients. In adults, reports of FAPA are limited to rare case reports. The differential diagnosis of FAPA in adults includes Behcet's syndrome, familial Mediterranean fever (FMF), Hyper IgD syndrome and juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA), i.e., adult Still's disease. With FAPA syndrome, between episodes patients are completely asymptomatic and serologic inflammatory markers such as erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR), C-reactive protein (CRP) and white blood cell (WBC) count are normal. The etiology of FAFA is unknown, but lack of secondary cases or clustering in close contacts, lack of seasonality, and the lack of progression for years argue against an infectious etiology. We describe an extremely rare case of an adult with a recurrent FUO with profuse night sweats and prominent chills due to FAPA syndrome.
PMID: 26237061
ISSN: 2077-0383
CID: 3433672

Parvovirus B19 mimicking Epstein-Barr virus infectious mononucleosis in an adult [Letter]

Muñoz-Gómez, Sigridh; Cunha, Burke A
PMID: 23499327
ISSN: 1555-7162
CID: 3433282

Typhoid fever vs. malaria in a febrile returning traveler: typhomalaria revisited--an Oslerian perspective [Case Report]

Cunha, Burke A; Gran, Arthur; Munoz-Gomez, Sigridh
Diagnostic efforts are usually centered on malaria in febrile travelers returning from the tropics. However, by focusing on malaria other important diagnostic considerations are easily overlooked. Patients returning from malarial areas are also exposed to other tropical diseases which have features in common with malaria, e.g., typhoid fever, dengue fever, chikungunya fever. However, there are a few key findings that clinically differentiate these infections from malaria. We present a case of a traveler with fever returning from India without localizing signs with persistent monocytosis initially thought to have malaria.
PMID: 23084022
ISSN: 1873-0442
CID: 3433242