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Six months' treatment with lifitegrast in patients with moderate-to-severe symptomatic dry eye: a retrospective chart review

Atallah, Richard Teofilo; Castanos, Maria Virginia; Najac, Richard; Donnenfeld, Eric
Purpose/UNASSIGNED:To evaluate 6-month treatment benefits with lifitegrast ophthalmic solution 5% in symptomatic dry eye patients. Setting/UNASSIGNED:Retrospective chart analysis. Method/UNASSIGNED:A retrospective chart review was conducted in 168 patients (111 females and 57 males) who presented with symptoms of chronic dry eye disease and were treated with lifitegrast 5% ophthalmic solution for 6 months. Collected symptom data included improvement of eye dryness, tearing, eye pain, fluctuation in vision, foreign body sensation, itching, grittiness, burning and contact lens intolerance if applicable. Collected clinical signs included changes in superficial punctate keratitis, corneal fluorescein staining, conjunctival hyperemia and presence of tear debris. Results/UNASSIGNED:Treatment with lifitegrast ophthalmic solution 5% twice daily for 6 months significantly improved majority of dry eye symptoms reported by patients. Improvements were also observed in corneal and conjunctival staining and tear debris for most of the patients reviewed. Conclusion/UNASSIGNED:Treatment with lifitegrast twice a day for 6 months improved both signs and symptoms of chronic dry eye.
PMID: 31354236
ISSN: 1177-5467
CID: 4015172

Traumatic tattooing of the skin and ocular surface [Letter]

Ehrenhaus, Michael; Najac, Richard; Weissman, Laurence; Grasso, Cono
PMID: 14522314
ISSN: 0886-3350
CID: 4552802