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Perioperative Considerations Regarding Sex in Solid Organ Transplantation

Walters, Susan M; Richter, Ellen W; Lutzker, Tatiana; Patel, Suraj; Vincent, Anita N; Kleiman, Amanda M
Sex plays a role in all stages of the organ transplant process, including listing, sex/size matching of organs, complications, graft survival, and mortality. Sex-related differences in organ transplantation are likely multifactorial related to biological and social characteristics. More information is needed to determine how sex-related differences can lead to improved outcomes for future donors and recipients of solid organs. This article provides an overview on the impact of sex on various types of solid organ transplant, including kidney, pancreas, liver, lung, and heart transplants.
PMID: 32336385
ISSN: 1932-2275
CID: 4534872