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Predicting left ventricular dyssynchrony: Can nuclear cardiology bring us closer "In Sync"? [Editorial]

Kan, Karen; Phillips, Lawrence M
PMID: 32548714
ISSN: 1532-6551
CID: 4510752

Is cost-effectiveness the "tie-breaker" when deciding between anatomic and functional evaluation in stable ischemic heart disease? [Editorial]

Riedy, Katherine; Phillips, Lawrence
PMID: 33754303
ISSN: 1532-6551
CID: 4836682

Life Interrupted: On the Front Lines With COVID-19 [Editorial]

Argulian, Edgar; Weinsaft, Jonathan W; Hendel, Robert C; Garg, Vaani P; Kim, Jiwon; Phillips, Lawrence M; Mieres, Jennifer H; Abidov, Aiden; Blankstein, Ron; Shaw, Leslee J; Narula, Jagat
PMID: 32762887
ISSN: 1876-7591
CID: 4555572

Multimodality imaging: Bird's eye view from the 2019 American College of Cardiology Scientific Sessions

Phillips, Lawrence M; Winchester, David; Saric, Muhamed; Lloyd, Steven G; Blankstein, Ron; Al-Mallah, Mouaz H
The 2019 American College of Cardiology Scientific Sessions displayed innovation in many areas for the evaluation and management of cardiovascular disease from preventive evaluation and care to advanced interventions. Imaging played a central role in these developments with a highlight of the conference being the imaging research presented. This review will summarize key imaging studies which were presented at this scientific meeting which will lead to innovation in the evaluation and management of cardiovascular disease. Experts in nuclear imaging (DW/MA), echocardiography (MS), cardiac magnetic resonance (SL), and cardiac computed tomography (RB) selected abstracts which they found to be of particular interest to the multimodality imaging audience and were integrated into this review (LP).
PMID: 31975328
ISSN: 1532-6551
CID: 4273442

A new era of imaging for diagnosis and management of cardiac sarcoidosis: Hybrid cardiac magnetic resonance imaging and positron emission tomography

Ahluwalia, Monica; Pan, Stephen; Ghesani, Munir; Phillips, Lawrence M
PMID: 31175626
ISSN: 1532-6551
CID: 3923642

More or less appropriate: The new rule of law for cardiac imaging [Editorial]

Phillips, Lawrence M; Shaw, Leslee J
PMID: 29435860
ISSN: 1532-6551
CID: 2958202

CPC Commentary on "Coexistence of cardiac amyloidosis with coronary artery disease and the challenges in medical management" [Editorial]

Phillips, Lawrence
PMID: 30989493
ISSN: 1532-6551
CID: 3810452

Cardiopulmonary exercise testing and SPECT myocardial perfusion imaging: Pre-test probability is the key [Editorial]

Holmes, Anthony A; Phillips, Lawrence M
PMID: 28726149
ISSN: 1532-6551
CID: 2640492

Case presentation commentary on "Rosai-Dorfman disease and left ventricular noncompaction cardiomyopathy: A heart failure conundrum." [Editorial]

Phillips, Lawrence
PMID: 30397865
ISSN: 1532-6551
CID: 3520062

Value of gated-SPECT MPI for ischemia-guided PCI of non-culprit vessels in STEMI patients with multivessel disease after primary PCI

Phillips, Lawrence M; Vitola, João V; Shaw, Leslee J; Giubbini, Raffaele; Karthikeyan, Ganesan; Alexanderson, Erick; Dondi, Maurizio; Paez, Diana; Peix, Amalia
There remains a clinical question of which patients benefit from revascularization of non-culprit coronary artery stenosis in the setting of acute ST-segment elevation myocardial infraction (STEMI). This is a large population of patients with prior studies showing 40 to 70% of patients with STEMI having non-culprit stenosis. This article reviews the current state of the literature evaluating outcomes of those previously randomized to revascularization of non-culprit stenosis around the time of the STEMI. We propose a new study design to utilize gated-SPECT in the decision process by using an ischemic burden of > 5% as a cut-off for revascularization vs. complete revascularization without ischemia assessment.
PMID: 30069820
ISSN: 1532-6551
CID: 3217522