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A case of spontaneous chylothorax in an adolescent

Posner, Kari R; Scarfone, Richard
We discuss an male adolescent who presented to the emergency department with fever and respiratory distress. He was subsequently diagnosed with spontaneous chylothorax. We review his clinical presentation and diagnostic and therapeutic interventions and provide a discussion of the subject
PMID: 21206255
ISSN: 1535-1815
CID: 134843

Picture of the month. Sigmoid volvulus

Posner, Kari R; Friedlaender, Eron
PMID: 21199985
ISSN: 1538-3628
CID: 134842

A teenage girl with a sternal mass: an unusual presentation of Pott disease

Posner, Kari R; Mittal, Manoj K
Bone and joint infection complicating tuberculosis is most likely to involve vertebrae. Pott disease, or tuberculous spondylitis, represents a small proportion of tuberculosis cases, but it can be associated with significant morbidity and mortality. Our case report details Pott disease in a teenage girl, which presented with a sternal mass. We also present a review of the subject
PMID: 21057280
ISSN: 1535-1815
CID: 134840


Posner, Kari; Needleman, Joshua P
PMID: 18245304
ISSN: 1526-3347
CID: 134816