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Unexpected Findings During Evaluation of Acute Pelvic Pain With Transvaginal Sonography

Ohngemach, Daniel J; Esterson, Yonah B; Rahman, Naeem; Noor, Ali; Pellerito, John S
Transvaginal sonography is the first-line imaging modality used to evaluate acute female pelvic pain in the emergency setting because of its accessibility, lack of ionizing radiation, and excellent ability to identify reproductive tract disorders. Although the intent of transvaginal sonography is to evaluate the reproductive organs, imaging of adjacent pelvic structures is an important part of every transvaginal sonographic examination. Gastrointestinal, urologic, and vascular disorders incidentally scanned on transvaginal sonography may explain the pain for which the examination is being performed. In such cases, transvaginal sonography may play an important role in the diagnostic process if the clinician is aware of the transvaginal sonographic appearance of these entities.
PMID: 27821650
ISSN: 1550-9613
CID: 3093392