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Preventing Physician Burnout in Breast Imaging: Scope of the Problem and Keys to Success

Kalantarova, Sofya; Mickinac, Nathan; Santhosh, Sharon; Malik, Swati; Surovitsky, Marie; Madsen, Laura; Rapoport, Irina; Lee, Cindy; Hoffmann, Jason C
Physicians, including radiologists and specifically breast imagers, face many challenges, and stressors during their daily routine, many of which can contribute to burnout. While there is an increasing body of literature evaluating burnout, including its prevalence in and impact on radiologists, there is a relative lack of information specifically addressing this topic as it relates to breast imaging. This article reviews key concepts in burnout, describes the potential impact on physicians at all levels of training and work, highlights unique aspects to the specialty of breast imaging that may contribute to burnout, and suggests tool and/or strategies that may help to combat and prevent burnout among breast imagers.
PMID: 33069520
ISSN: 1535-6302
CID: 4651902

Harnessing the Power of Low-tech Collaborative Learning

Sheth, Monica; Samreen, Naziya; Rapoport, Irina; Slanetz, Priscilla J.; Fornari, Alice; Lewis, Petra
ISSN: 2631-6110
CID: 4773132