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Psychiatric Considerations in Perinatal Mental Illness

Azarchi, Sarah; Ackerman, Marra; Caravella, Rachel; Jones, Clancy; Kondas, Cathy; Madanes, Sharon; Rehim, Aimy; Deutch, Allison
Perinatal mental health care refers to the evaluation and treatment of psychiatric conditions that present during pregnancy through the first year postpartum, including exacerba-tion of pre-existing psychiatric illness. Pregnancy should be considered a period of heightened risk for women with mental illness, where undertreat-ment and under-recognition can lead to adverse and devastating outcomes, including suicide and infanticide. Careful screening, thorough clinical assessment, and accurate diagnosis are essential for the management of patients. Utilization of the risk-risk as-sessment, routine implementation of validated screening tools, and reliance upon evidence-based resources are some of the strategies that can help inform decision-making. Involving pa-tients"™ partners as well as other mem-bers of the treatment team can fur-ther facilitate the delivery of nuanced care and tailor treatment decisions.
ISSN: 0048-5713
CID: 5424522