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Healthcare use among older primary care patients with minor depression

Pickett, Yolonda R; Ghosh, Samiran; Rohs, Anne; Kennedy, Gary J; Bruce, Martha L; Lyness, Jeffrey M
OBJECTIVE:To determine the rate of healthcare utilization for older primary care patients by depression status. DESIGN/METHODS:Cross-sectional data analysis. SETTING/METHODS:Primary care practices, western New York state. PARTICIPANTS/METHODS:753 patients aged 65 years and older. MEASURES/METHODS:Diagnostic depression categories were determined using the Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-IV (SCID). The Cornell Services Index (CSI) measured outpatient medical visits. Demographic, clinical, and functional variables were obtained from medical records and interview data. RESULTS:41.23% had subsyndromal or minor depression (M/SSD) and 53.15% had no depression. The unadjusted mean number of outpatient medical visits was greater in those with M/SSD (3.96 visits within 3 months) compared to those without depression (2.84), with a significant difference after adjusting for demographic, functional, and clinical factors. CONCLUSION/CONCLUSIONS:Those with M/SSD had higher rates of healthcare utilization compared with those without depressive symptoms. Future research should examine whether interventions for older adults with M/SSD reduce healthcare utilization.
PMID: 23582748
ISSN: 1545-7214
CID: 4355192

Primary Care Services Utilization of Older Adults with Minor Depression [Meeting Abstract]

Colemon, Yolonda; Rohs, Anne; Kennedy, Gary J.; Lyness, Jeffrey M.
ISSN: 1064-7481
CID: 4355202