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Treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome with vitamin B6: a double-blind study

Stransky, M; Rubin, A; Lava, N S; Lazaro, R P
We undertook a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study to investigate the therapeutic effect of vitamin B6 on carpal tunnel syndrome. After ten weeks in the study, ten of 15 patients improved (this included patients given placebo and those given no treatment). Vitamin B6 seems to have no advantage over conservative therapy for carpal tunnel syndrome. This study also suggests that repeat electrodiagnostic testing is no more useful than clinical symptoms in deciding on surgical intervention after unsuccessful conservative therapy.
PMID: 2749352
ISSN: 0038-4348
CID: 5346082

Transient cortical blindness and occipital seizures with cyclosporine toxicity [Case Report]

Rubin, A M
PMID: 2922804
ISSN: 0041-1337
CID: 5346072

Myasthenia gravis with thymoma and pure red blood cell aplasia [Case Report]

Bailey RO; Dunn HG; Rubin AM; Ritaccio AL
A case of myasthenia gravis with histopathologic confirmation of spindle cell thymoma and pure red blood cell aplasia is reported. This is the twelfth case in the literature in which a simultaneous occurrence of all three disorders, with documented thymic pathology, is noted. Immunologic observations in this patient include an elevated acetylcholine receptor antibody and antinuclear antibody titer, agglutination of mouse red blood cells when combined with the patient's serum, and lack of inhibition of binding of radioactive erythropoietin to mouse red cell receptors when combined with the patient's serum. Although both myasthenia with thymoma and pure red blood cell aplasia may have a common immunologic denominator, our findings in this case indicate that inhibition of erythropoiesis is unrelated to erythropoietin receptor blockade. An alternative hypothesis is offered based on defective T-cell function
PMID: 3128948
ISSN: 0002-9173
CID: 22685

Cerebral blindness and encephalopathy with cyclosporin A toxicity [Case Report]

Rubin, A M; Kang, H
We observed acute cerebral blindness and encephalopathy complicating cyclosporin A (CyA) toxicity in a 5-year-old transplantation patient. Serum CyA level was 1,704 ng/ml (normal, less than 300 ng/ml). Additional neurologic complications of CyA toxicity will be reviewed.
PMID: 3587633
ISSN: 0028-3878
CID: 5346062

Neurologic complications of intravenous drug abuse

Rubin, A M
PMID: 3031093
ISSN: 8750-2836
CID: 5346052