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Index of Suspicion * Case 1: Pallor, Screaming, Sweating, and Breathing Difficulty Associated With Feeding in a 2-month-old Infant * Case 2: Swelling, Redness, Warmth, Tenderness, and Purulent Drainage Under the Nail in an Adolescent Girl * Case 3: Urticarial Rash, Fatigue, Achiness, and Dark Urine in an Adolescent Girl

Hassoun, Ameer; Kannikeswaran, Nirupama; Tigchelaar, Helene; Wood, Kelly Elizabeth; Boneparth, Alexis; Opio, George; Kaplan, Matthew R; Silverblatt, Katerina
PMID: 22135425
ISSN: 1526-3347
CID: 142856