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No Fear of Near Peer: How Resident Teachers Can Boost a Program in Psychiatry

Sotsky, Jennifer; Senter, Meredith S; Golkin, Emma; Cabaniss, Deborah L
PMID: 33942239
ISSN: 1545-7230
CID: 4942592

A Workshop on Interrupting Microaggressions for a Surgical Service: An Opportunity for Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry to Address Bias and Inequity

Sotsky, Jennifer; Worthington, Chineze
INTRODUCTION/BACKGROUND:Despite the growing body of literature discussing the impact of microaggressions on health care providers and patients, there has been no discussion of microaggressions in consultation-liaison (C-L) psychiatry literature. INTERVENTION/METHODS:As a C-L fellow (JS) and an early career C-L psychiatrist (CW), we were asked to assist a surgical training program in creating a workshop on recognizing and interrupting microaggressions in the health care setting, particularly those directed towards providers. We describe the structure of our workshop and discuss the potential role for C-L psychiatrists in facing microaggressions. FINDINGS/RESULTS:Many workshop participants described having witnessed microaggressions but had not spoken about them and felt unsure about how to respond to them. Drawing on the interpersonal skills we use in our C-L work, we were able to educate and support the group as well as facilitate discussion and problem-solving. SIGNIFICANCE/CONCLUSIONS:Our experience suggests that as C-L psychiatrists integrated within the medical system, we are well-suited to educate ourselves and our colleagues about microaggressions. Literature describing similar "liaison" roles suggests that work on microaggressions may be a reasonable expansion of our scope of practice and may offer a fruitful avenue for our field to facilitate progress.
PMID: 34092348
ISSN: 2667-2960
CID: 4942602

Conquering Lyme disease : science bridges the great divide

Fallon, Brian; Sotsky, Jennifer
New York : Columbia Univ Press, 2018
ISBN: 9780231183840
CID: 4957222

A piece of my mind. Five voices, one story

Anyaegbunam, Jennifer A; Sotsky, Jennifer; Salib, Christopher; Kissler, Mark J; Jiao, Jocelyn M; Charon, Rita
PMID: 24368459
ISSN: 1538-3598
CID: 4955152