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Corneal abrasion following anaesthesia for non-ocular surgical procedures: A case-controlled study

Carniciu, Anais L; Fazzari, Melissa J; Tabibian, Pauline; Batta, Priti; Gentile, Ronald C; Grendell, James H; Braithwaite, Collin E; Barzideh, Nazanin
The aim of this study was to identify risk factors associated with perioperative corneal abrasion at a single hospital in Mineola, New York (United States). A chart review was conducted of patients with perioperative corneal abrasion following non-ocular surgery and age-matched controls between June 2011 and November 2013. An age-stratified logistic regression model evaluated the association between corneal abrasion and potentially predisposing variables. The adjusted odds of a corneal abrasion occurring were 4.6 times greater for patients having surgery for ≥ 3 hours (p=0.001) and 3.6 times greater for patients with pre-existing ocular disease (p=0.02). Gender, diabetes status, surgical procedure or position were not found to be associated with the occurrence of a corneal abrasion. Corneal abrasions were associated with longer procedures and history of pre-existing ocular disease. No significant association between body positioning or surgical site and perioperative corneal abrasion was found. The study concludes that a longer duration of surgical procedure and pre-existing ocular disease are risk factors for perioperative corneal abrasion.
PMID: 29328794
ISSN: 1750-4589
CID: 3453342

Corneal abrasion following anesthesia for non-ocular surgical procedures. A case-control study [Meeting Abstract]

Carniciu, Anais; Fazzari, Melissa; Tabibian, Pauline; Batta, Priti; Gentile, Ronald C.; Grendell, James; Brathwaite, Collin; Barzideh, Nazanin
ISSN: 0146-0404
CID: 3514072