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Postpartum depression, mode of delivery, and indication for unscheduled cesarean delivery: a retrospective cohort study

Lantigua-Martinez, Meralis; Silverstein, Jenna S; Trostle, Megan E; Melendez Torres, Anthony; Rajeev, Pournami; Dennis, Alyson; Talib, Mahino
OBJECTIVES/OBJECTIVE:To examine the relationship between postpartum depression (PPD), mode of delivery (MOD), and indication for unscheduled cesarean delivery (uCD). METHODS:Patients with antenatal and postpartum Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS) scores were compared by MOD and indication for uCD if applicable. Patients with an antenatal EPDS>12 were excluded to ascertain the incidence of new depression. The primary outcome was EPDS≥13 by MOD. The secondary outcome was EPDS≥13 by indication for uCD. RESULTS:Seven hundred and thirty eight patients met inclusion criteria. There were statistically significant differences in MOD by age, race, BMI, and multi-gestation pregnancy. Patients delivered via uCD had a higher rate of peripartum complications and NICU admission. There were no differences in medical comorbidities or use of psychiatric medications by MOD. There was no difference in EPDS by MOD. The rate of PPD was higher in patients with uCD for non-reassuring fetal heart tones (NRFHT) compared to other indications for uCD (p=0.02). CONCLUSIONS:While there was no difference in the incidence of PPD by MOD, the incidence of PPD was higher among patients delivered via uCD for NRFHT. These findings may have implications for patient counseling, post-operative mental health surveillance, and support of postpartum patients.
PMID: 35166090
ISSN: 1619-3997
CID: 5163382

Perinatal depression before and during the Coronavirus pandemic [Meeting Abstract]

Lantigua-Martinez, Meralis V.; Trostle, Megan E.; Torres, Anthony Melendez; Rajeev, Pournami; Dennis, Alyson; Silverstein, Jenna; Talib, Mahino
ISSN: 0002-9378
CID: 5242502