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Chapter by: Canty, Timothy
in: Pain management and palliative care : a comprehensive guide by Sackheim, Kimberly A [Eds]
New York : Springer, 2015
pp. ?-
ISBN: 1493924613
CID: 5407082

Regional Anesthesia in the Obese Patient

Chapter by: Raju, Shubha VY; Canty, Tim
in: Perioperative Anesthetic Care of the Obese Patient by Ortiz, Vilma E; Wiener-Kronish, Jeanine
CRC Press, 2010
pp. ?-
ISBN: 9780429147647
CID: 5407072

Financial and operational impact of a direct-from-PACU discharge pathway for laparoscopic cholecystectomy patients

Sandberg, Warren S; Canty, Timothy; Sokal, Suzanne M; Daily, Bethany; Berger, David L
BACKGROUND:We assessed the operational and financial impact of discharging laparoscopic cholecystectomy (LC) patients directly from the postanesthetic care unit (PACU) in comparison with post-transfer discharge from a hospital bed in a busy academic hospital. METHODS:We retrospectively compared 6 months of performance (bed utilization; recovery room and hospital length of stay; complications; readmissions; hospital costs, revenue, and margin) after implementation of PACU discharges (case patients) to the corresponding 6 months in the prior year (control patients). RESULTS:After implementation, 66% of LC case patients were discharged on the day of surgery, compared with 29% in the control group (P < .05). Eighty percent of the day-of-surgery discharges were directly from the PACU. Shifting to PACU discharge saved 1 in-hospital bed transfer and 1 bed-day for each PACU discharge. Recovery room length of stay for PACU discharge patients was 26% longer than for hospital discharge patients (P = NS). Average hospital length of stay for all patients discharged on the day of surgery was 3.2 hours shorter (P < .05) for case patients (80% PACU discharge) than for control patients. There were no readmissions in the PACU discharge group and no difference in complications. While costs, revenue, and net margin for PACU discharge patients were reduced by 40% to 50% (P < .02) relative to floor discharge patients, the hospital's net margin for the combined case patient group was preserved relative to the control group. CONCLUSIONS:PACU discharge of LC patients significantly reduces bed utilization, decreases in-hospital transfers, and allows congested hospitals to better accommodate patient care needs and generate additional revenue.
PMID: 16934598
ISSN: 0039-6060
CID: 5407062

Postoperative pain therapy

Chapter by: Canty, Timothy; Balantyne, Jne
in: Evidence-based anaesthesia and intensive care by Moller, Ann; Pedersen, Tom [Eds]
Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge Univ Press, 2006
pp. 307-320
ISBN: 9780521690256
CID: 5407162