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Parent perceptions of pediatric neuropsychological evaluations: a systematic review

Spano, Paul; Katz, Nicole; DeLuco, Tara; Martin, Christina Octavia; Tam, Helen; Montalto, Daniela; Stein, Cheryl R
To synthesize current knowledge of the impact of pediatric neuropsychological evaluations on child functioning, we conducted a systematic review of the literature on parents' overall satisfaction with their child's evaluation and perceptions of how helpful the evaluation was for understanding their child's abilities and how useful the evaluation was for providing actionable information to elicit change. Parent satisfaction is important in this context because studies on healthcare consumption indicate a substantial relationship between patient satisfaction with services and implementation of recommendations and follow-up care. We followed PRISMA guidelines to conduct a systematic review of the literature on parent perception of pediatric neuropsychological evaluations for children aged 3-21 years. Using a set of predefined search terms, we identified 1,163 abstracts across PubMed, PsycINFO, Cochrane Library, and Web of Science electronic databases and included 12 studies in our qualitative synthesis. In general, parents reported high levels of satisfaction with their child's evaluation. Feedback from the evaluation was helpful for understanding their child's pattern of strengths and weaknesses and included useful information for obtaining support. Although parents did report improvement in their child's functional participation in home, school, and community settings, they tended to rate the usefulness of the evaluation for eliciting change lower than their overall satisfaction with the evaluation or how helpful the evaluation was for understanding their child's abilities. Additional effort appears to be needed for pediatric neuropsychological evaluations recommendations to result in durable, meaningful change in child functioning.
PMID: 33847535
ISSN: 1744-4136
CID: 4845882