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Mycobacterium xenopi: Evidence for Increased Rate of Clinical Isolation

Bluth, Martin H; Vera, Ramon; Razeq, Jafar; Kramer, Martin; Abu-Lawi, Khaled I
In light of recent reports of increased isolation of M. xenopi, we reviewed the number of M. xenopi isolates in a hospital setting over five years. A total of 133 isolates from 100 patients were reported, of these isolates, 8 were reported over the first two years, 21 isolates in the third year, 47 isolates in year four and 57 isolates in year five. The specimen sources were mainly respiratory specimens; however a few specimens were isolated from other sources. Clinical data on 12 patients with repeated isolates are presented. Patient conditions upon admission and previous medical histories are shown and compared to earlier reports. An increased awareness of the presence of this organism is necessary since the clinical presentation of patients with M. xenopi can be confused with tuberculosis.
PMID: 23675124
ISSN: 1550-9702
CID: 4246292