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Use of Four-Factor Prothrombin Concentrate Complex in LVAD Recipients Undergoing Transplantation: Impact on Blood Loss, Blood Use, Blood Bank Costs and Clinical Outcomes [Meeting Abstract]

Goldstein, D. J.; Uehlinger, J.; Szymanski, J.; Mohandas, K.; Walsh, R.; Karun, S.; Marks, E.; Himchak, E.; Gupta, R.; Wu, D.
ISSN: 1053-2498
CID: 3973452

Optimizing Red Cell Exchange Procedures for Sickle Cell Patients [Meeting Abstract]

Himchak, E; Bonzon-Adelson, A; Uehlinger, J; Mohandas, K; Walsh, R; Wu, D
ISSN: 0042-9007
CID: 3973652

Listeria: a potential cause of febrile transfusion reactions [Letter]

Walsh, R; Gurevich, I; Cunha, B A
PMID: 8101207
ISSN: 0195-6701
CID: 3437382

Optimizing HbS percentage for pediatric sickle cell diasese patients

Himchak, E; Friedmann, R; Himchak, S; Bonzon-Adelson, A; Uehlinger, J; Marks, EA; Walsh, R; Mohandas, K; Li, Y; Jacob, S; Knopfelmacher, A; Wu, Ding Wen
ISSN: 2573-2862
CID: 3978422