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Desquamative extravasation reaction secondary to enfortumab vedotin [Case Report]

Pulavarty, Akshay N; Meehan, Shane; Weed, Jason
PMID: 38496727
ISSN: 2352-5126
CID: 5640082

Corrigendum to "Defificits in attention performance are associated with insufficiency of slow-wave sleep in insomnia" [Sleep Med 24 (2016) 124-130]

Li, Yun; Liu, Hong; Weed, Jason G; Ren, Rong; Sun, Yuanfeng; Tan, Lu; Tang, Xiangdong
PMID: 33975775
ISSN: 1878-5506
CID: 4981342

Corrigendum to "Deficits in attention performance are associated with insufficiency of slow-wave sleep in insomnia" [Sleep Med 24 (2016) 124-130]

Li, Yun; Liu, Hong; Weed, Jason G; Ren, Rong; Sun, Yuanfeng; Tan, Lu; Tang, Xiangdong
PMID: 34217621
ISSN: 1878-5506
CID: 4981352

Multifocal ulcerations in extreme prematurity

Weed, Jason G.; Brinster, Nooshin K.; Oza, Vikash S.; Orlow, Seth J.
ISSN: 0736-8046
CID: 5144002

Cutaneous T Cell Lymphoma: A Difficult Diagnosis Demystified

Peterson, Erik; Weed, Jason; Lo Sicco, Kristen; Latkowski, Jo-Ann
Cutaneous T cell lymphoma (CTCL) represents a heterogeneous group of extranodal non-Hodgkin lymphomas in which monoclonal T lymphocytes infiltrate the skin. The mechanism of CTCL development is not fully understood, but likely involves dysregulation of various genes and signaling pathways. A variety of treatment modalities are available, and although they can induce remission in most patients, the disease may recur after treatment cessation. Owing to relatively low incidence and significant chronicity of disease, and the high morbidity of some therapeutic regimens, further clinical trials are warranted to better define the ideal treatment option for each subtype of CTCL.
PMID: 31466586
ISSN: 1558-0520
CID: 4066502

Synergy of BCL2 and histone deacetylase inhibition against leukemic cells from cutaneous T-cell lymphoma patients

Cyrenne, Benoit M; Lewis, Julia M; Weed, Jason G; Carlson, Kacie R; Mirza, Fatima N; Foss, Francine M; Girardi, Michael
The presence and degree of peripheral blood involvement in patients with cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (CTCL) portend a worse clinical outcome. Available systemic therapies for CTCL may variably decrease tumor burden and improve quality of life, but offer limited effects on survival; thus, novel approaches to the treatment of advanced stages of this non-Hodgkin lymphoma are clearly warranted. Mutational analyses of CTCL patient peripheral blood malignant cell samples suggested the antiapoptotic mediator B-cell lymphoma 2 (BCL2) as a potential therapeutic target. To test this, we developed a screening assay for evaluating the sensitivity of CTCL cells to targeted molecular agents, and compared a novel BCL2 inhibitor, venetoclax, alone and in combination with a histone deacetylase (HDAC) inhibitor, vorinostat or romidepsin. Peripheral blood CTCL malignant cells were isolated from 25 patients and exposed ex vivo to the 3 drugs alone and in combination, and comparisons were made to 4 CTCL cell lines (Hut78, Sez4, HH, MyLa). The majority of CTCL patient samples were sensitive to venetoclax, and BCL2 expression levels were negatively correlated (r = -0.52; P =018) to 50% inhibitory concentration values. Furthermore, this anti-BCL2 effect was markedly potentiated by concurrent HDAC inhibition with 93% of samples treated with venetoclax and vorinostat and 73% of samples treated with venetoclax and romidepsin showing synergistic effects. These data strongly suggest that concurrent BCL2 and HDAC inhibition may offer synergy in the treatment of patients with advanced CTCL. By using combination therapies and correlating response to gene expression in this way, we hope to achieve more effective and personalized treatments for CTCL.
PMID: 28972015
ISSN: 1528-0020
CID: 4981332

Bullous systemic lupus erythematosus in a 6-year-old boy [Case Report]

Li, Alvin W; Weed, Jason G; Stamey, Christopher R; Subtil, Antonio; Tomayko, Mary M; Antaya, Richard J
Bullous systemic lupus erythematosus (BSLE) is a rare subepidermal blistering disorder characterized by an acute vesiculobullous eruption in a subset of individuals with systemic lupus erythematosus. BSLE most commonly affects young women and only rarely affects children. Herein we report a rare case of BSLE in a 6-year-old boy.
PMID: 28851077
ISSN: 1525-1470
CID: 4981322

Prevalence of obstructive sleep apnea in patients with posttraumatic stress disorder and its impact on adherence to continuous positive airway pressure therapy: a meta-analysis

Zhang, Ye; Weed, Jason G; Ren, Rong; Tang, Xiangdong; Zhang, Wei
OBJECTIVE:Although some authors have recently investigated the co-occurrence of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), the topic remains insufficiently studied. The aim of this meta-analysis was to detect the pooled prevalence of OSA in PTSD and its impact on adherence to continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy. METHODS:We conducted a search for articles published until August 20, 2016, in PubMed, Embase, the Cochrane Library, and PsycINFO. The literature search identified 194 articles, and 12 studies were included in the meta-analysis. RESULTS:The pooled prevalence rates of OSA based on different apnea-hypopnea index (AHI) criteria in PTSD patients was 75.7% (95% confidence interval [CI] = 44.1-92.5%) (AHI ≥5) and 43.6% (95% CI = 20.6-69.7%) (AHI ≥10), respectively. Subgroup analysis showed that there was a significant difference between the prevalence of OSA in veterans with PTSD compared to nonveterans or mixed samples. Patients with PTSD and OSA demonstrated significantly lower adherence to CPAP therapy (regular use: g = -0.658, 95% CI = -0.856 to -0.460; time of average use per night: g = -0.873, 95% CI = -1.550 to -0.196) compared with those with OSA alone. CONCLUSIONS:OSA is commonly seen in patients with PTSD. Given its negative impact on the adherence to CPAP therapy, the possibility of OSA should be monitored carefully in patients with PTSD.
PMID: 28735910
ISSN: 1878-5506
CID: 4981312

Reactive granulomatous dermatitis presenting as subcutaneous nodules and cords in a patient with advanced myelodysplastic syndrome [Letter]

Weed, Jason; Ko, Christine; Stahl, Maximilian; Much, Melissa; Witt, David; Zeidan, Amer M; Leventhal, Jonathan
PMID: 28220192
ISSN: 1432-0584
CID: 4981302

FISH Panel for Leukemic CTCL [Letter]

Weed, Jason; Gibson, Juliet; Lewis, Julia; Carlson, Kacie; Foss, Francine; Choi, Jaehyuk; Li, Peining; Girardi, Michael
PMID: 27836797
ISSN: 1523-1747
CID: 4981292