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Occult Sepsis Masked by Trauma-Exploration of Cognitive Biases Through Simulation With Emergency Medicine Residents

Weil, Jonathan; Cassara, Michael
Introduction/UNASSIGNED:There is a paucity of simulation literature and curricula addressing cognitive bias and the skills necessary to overcome this common source of clinical error. We designed a scenario for emergency medicine (EM) residents with the intent to trigger an anchoring bias as a nidus for conversation about metacognition. Methods/UNASSIGNED:We implemented this case for teams of two to three PGYs 1-5, including both EM and EM/internal medicine residents within a longitudinal simulation curriculum. The case was designed to simulate a major trauma wherein evaluation according to standard advanced trauma life support principles failed to identify a traumatic injury to explain the patient's hemodynamic instability. Residents had to reorient their thought process towards other etiologies of shock, ultimately identifying sepsis as the driving force behind the trauma. The scenario ran over 10-15 minutes followed by a 30-minute debrief. Case satisfaction and the success of various learning objectives were assessed via a postsimulation survey. Results/UNASSIGNED:Forty-four EM and combined EM/IM residents ranging from PGY 1-5 participated in the simulation over a 5-week period. Nearly 82% of respondents expressed an overall satisfaction with the case. About 76% felt the case succeeded in contributing to their understanding of cognitive biases. Discussion/UNASSIGNED:The implementation of misdirection in this simulation was an effective means by which to engage learners in education about cognitive biases.
PMID: 33241118
ISSN: 2374-8265
CID: 4680912

Set Up and Execution of an Effective Standardized Patient Program in Medical Simulation

Chapter by: Moss, Hilary; Weil, Jonathan; Mukherji, Pinaki
in: StatPearls by
Treasure Island FL : StatPearls, 2018
pp. -
CID: 4956732

More Than Skin Deep: A Case of Catastrophic Antiphospholipid Syndrome

Roit, Zhanna; Weil, Jonathan; Llovera, Ingrid
PMID: 31677977
ISSN: 0736-4679
CID: 4171912