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The Corporate Practice of Medicine: Ethical Implications of Orthopaedic Surgery Practice Ownership by Non-Physicians

Moses, Michael J; Weiser, Lori G; Bosco, Joseph A
There has been an upsurge in the number of practices owned by non-physicians. With orthopaedic surgery as the next frontier in this market, orthopaedists need to consider the ethical consequences of such acquisitions. The history and trends of practice ownership are reviewed alongside how laws shifted to reflect a changing health-care climate. The 4 tenets of bioethics (beneficence, nonmaleficence, autonomy, and justice) are explored with regard to practice acquisition by non-physician entities. Although non-physician-owned corporations and private equity firms provide liquidity to the health-care sector, there are ethical concerns that may ultimately impact patient care. Orthopaedic surgeons must be cautious when engaging in acquisitions with non-physician-owned entities, as the goals of each party may not align. This may yield situations that infringe on the basic principles of bioethics for both physician and patient.
PMID: 32496745
ISSN: 1535-1386
CID: 4469282

Management of chronic biceps tendon rupture

Weiser, L G; Bruno, R J; Strauch, R J; Rosenwasser, M P
PMID: 16520638
ISSN: 1089-3393
CID: 1390902