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Epidemiology of Sports-Specific Foot and Ankle Injuries

Hodgkins, Christopher W; Wessling, Nicholas A
The epidemiology of any given topic sometimes is overlooked. This is true particularly with sports physicians and sports injuries. The identification of sports-specific injury patterns by collection and examination of data can help prevent injuries. Thus, as a physician involved in any sport, it is essential to have this knowledge because understanding it and imparting it may allow a valuable contribution to the health and safety of the athletes and success of the teams.
PMID: 33487239
ISSN: 1558-1934
CID: 5030572

Repurposing Orthopaedic Residents Amid COVID-19: Critical Care Prone Positioning Team

Rahman, Omar F; Murray, Daniel P; Zbeda, Robert M; Volpi, Alexander D; Mo, Andrew Z; Wessling, Nicholas A; Mina, Bushra A; Mendez-Zfass, Matthew S; Carpati, Charles M
PMID: 33117956
ISSN: 2472-7245
CID: 4646752