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γ-H2AX foci are increased in lymphocytes in vivo in young children 1 h after very low-dose X-irradiation: a pilot study

Halm, Brunhild M; Franke, Adrian A; Lai, Jennifer F; Turner, Helen C; Brenner, David J; Zohrabian, Vatche M; DiMauro, Robert
BACKGROUND:Computed tomography (CT) is an imaging modality involving ionizing radiation. The presence of γ-H2AX foci after low to moderate ionizing radiation exposure has been demonstrated; however it is unknown whether very low ionizing radiation exposure doses from CT exams can induce γ-H2AX formation in vivo in young children. OBJECTIVE:To test whether very low ionizing radiation doses from CT exams can induce lymphocytic γ-H2AX foci (phosphorylated histones used as a marker of DNA damage) formation in vivo in young children. MATERIALS AND METHODS/METHODS:Parents of participating children signed a consent form. Blood samples from three children (ages 3-21 months) undergoing CT exams involving very low blood ionizing radiation exposure doses (blood doses of 0.22-1.22 mGy) were collected immediately before and 1 h post CT exams. Isolated lymphocytes were quantified for γ-H2AX foci by a technician blinded to the radiation status and dose of the patients. Paired t-tests and regression analyses were performed with significance levels set at P < 0.05. RESULTS:We observed a dose-dependent increase in γ-H2AX foci post-CT exams (P = 0.046) among the three children. Ionizing radiation exposure doses led to a linear increase of foci per cell in post-CT samples (102% between lowest and highest dose). CONCLUSION/CONCLUSIONS:We found a significant induction of γ-H2AX foci in lymphocytes from post-CT samples of three very young children. When possible, CT exams should be limited or avoided by possibly applying non-ionizing radiation exposure techniques such as US or MRI.
PMID: 24756254
ISSN: 1432-1998
CID: 5526322

Establishment of biomarkers for radiation damage after computer tomography in children [Meeting Abstract]

Halm, Brunhild; Lai, Jennifer; Pagano, Ian; Tiirikainen, Maarit; Cooney, Robert; Turner, Helen; Brenner, David; Zohrabian, Vatche; Franke, Adrian
ISSN: 0892-6638
CID: 5526342

gamma H2AX foci formation in lymphocytes in vivo is increased one hour after very low dose X-radiation in three young children [Meeting Abstract]

Haim, Brunhild M.; Franke, Adrian A.; Turner, Helen C.; Lai, Jennifer F.; Zohrabian, Vatche; DiMauro, Robert
ISSN: 0008-5472
CID: 5526332