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Geriatric Patients: One-Visit Onlay vs. Multi-Visit Crown [Meeting Abstract]

Wolff, Samantha P; Tannous, Samar; Estafan, Denise
ISSN: 1930-7837
CID: 2934182

Essay Exams: Alternative Assessments in Evaluat-ing Students' Comprehension [Meeting Abstract]

Lomangino-Cheung, Josephine; Marin, Maria; Estafan, Denise
ISSN: 1930-7837
CID: 2934232

Benefits of Peer Assessment in Dental Education and Professional Practice [Meeting Abstract]

Rodriguez-Cardenas, Maria P; Estafan, Denise; Allen, Kenneth L; Wolff, Mark S
ISSN: 1930-7837
CID: 2934142

Digital Scan: An Invaluable Tool for Self-Assessment by Residents [Meeting Abstract]

Iyer, Chandra C; Wolff, Samantha P; Orthodoxou, Chrystalla; Estafan, Denise
ISSN: 1930-7837
CID: 2934262

Benefits of Peer Assessment in Dental Education and Professional Practice

Chapter by: Rodriguez-Cardenas, Maria P; Estafan, Denise; Allen, Kenneth
in: RSE : Research Scholarship Expo by
[S.l. : NYU College of Dentistry], 2018
pp. 053-053
ISBN: n/a
CID: 3157082

Beyond Digital Margins. Helping Students Develop Visual and Thinking Skills with CAD/CAM

Rodriguez-Cardenas, M; Conguista, M; Hershkowitz, D; Estafan, D
ISSN: 2378-7090
CID: 2720642

Beyond digital margins : helping students develop visual and thinking skills with CAD/CAM [Meeting Abstract]

Rodriguez-Cardenas, Maria P; Conguista, Marie; Hershkowitz, David; Estafan, Denise
ISSN: 1930-7837
CID: 2536672

Spotlight: Sci Forschen, Aug 9, 2016

Dr. Denise Estafan: Spreading Knowledge

Estafan, Denise
CID: 2648332

Improving Students’ LearningExperience of CAD/CAM Technology Utilizing Mediasite

Eisenberg, Elise; Vignola, Sarah C; Bebawy, Monica; Estefan, Denise
Objective: To educate student doctors on the steps required to design and fabricate an indirect restoration utilizing CAD/ CAM technology using Mediasite by Sonic Foundry. Introduction: Student doctors at New York University College of Dentistry (NYUCD) use CAD/ CAM technology to design and fabricate restorations for their patients. Current educational protocol requires two training sessions: (1) a presentation outlining CAD/ CAM procedure and (2) small hands-on sessions lead by trained faculty doctors[1]. Upon utilization of CAD/CAM technology in patient care, students are unable to comfortably recall and perform the steps necessary to fabricate a restoration. Due to the rigor of the pre-doctoral curriculum, additional training sessions are not feasible. Therefore, a training video was produced using Mediasite by SonicFoundry, and made available for student doctors to review steps for designing and fabricating an indirect restoration using CAD/ CAM technology. Method: The training video produced is comprised of a screen cast taken from the CAD/ CAM acquisition unit with microphone audio input, and a video recording made with a separate camera to be viewed them simultaneously. This allows for the doctor’s actions to be viewed alongside the screen of the CAD/ CAM acquisition unit for a cohesive understanding of the procedure. The procedure for taking digital impressions and the fabrication of a restoration using Biogeneric Copy Mode and Biogeneric Individual Mode were recorded. Conclusion: Educating student doctors today using Mediasite allows CAD/ CAM technology to transcend the classroom and laboratory, and will help ensure that student doctors are more confident and competent in treating patients using this technology
ISSN: 2454-3276
CID: 2219582

Utilizing an online learning format to train and calibrate New York University College of Dentistry (NYUCD) Simulation/Clinical Faculty

Eidtson, W; Montalbano, P; Hershkowitz, D; Estafan, Denise
ISSN: n/a
CID: 2648242