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Essay Exams: Alternative Assessments in Evaluat-ing Students' Comprehension [Meeting Abstract]

Lomangino-Cheung, Josephine; Marin, Maria; Estafan, Denise
ISSN: 1930-7837
CID: 2934232

Role of dental professional identification and referral of victims of domestic violence

McAndrew, Maureen; Marin, Maria Z
Dental professionals can play an important role in identifying and referring victims of domestic violence. Since most of the injuries sustained by victims occur in the head and neck region, dentists are uniquely positioned to help address this enormous public health issue. Unfortunately, dentists are the least likely of all health professionals to identify and refer victims of abuse. Much of this failure may be attributed to a lack of knowledge. This article provides an overview of the types and indicators of abuse, information about screening and interviewing victims, and referral resources.
PMID: 22474792
ISSN: 0028-7571
CID: 163597