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Using Patients as Participants in Dental Board Exams for Licensure- A Contemporary Demonstration of Reductio ad Absurdum [Comment]

Vernillo, Anthony
ISSN: 2472-0062
CID: 3157382

The Precautionary Petard: Who Should Tolerate Blood Transfusion Risks?

Vernillo, Anthony
PMID: 28207368
ISSN: 1536-0075
CID: 2448932

Oral manifestations of systemic diseases

Chapter by: Ibsen, Olga AC; Phelan, Joan A; Vernillo, Anthony T
in: Oral Pathology for the Dental Hygienist by Ibsen, Olga A. C.; Phelan, Joan Andersen [Eds]
Saunders, 2016
pp. 274-278
ISBN: 0323484441EPUB
CID: 2490652

Doing the right thing in the face of scientific uncertainty

Vernillo, Anthony T
ISSN: 2472-0062
CID: 1471722

"Scoping Up" Dental Education to Address Scientific Uncertainty: HPV and Oropharyngeal Cancer as a Case in Point

Equinda, Michele J; Northridge, Mary E; Kerr, Alexander R; Curry, Arlene R; Vernillo, Anthony T
ISSN: 2472-0062
CID: 1472842

Genomics, ethical issues, and the practice of dentistry

Schloss, AJ; Vernillo, AT
ISSN: 1555-9254
CID: 1542512

The ethics of charity: international perspective--an introduction to the issue

Vernillo, Anthony T; Schloss, Alexander J
PMID: 25080663
ISSN: 0002-7979
CID: 1542502

Adapting a Community of Practice Model to Design an Innovative Ethics Curriculum in Healthcare

Naidoo, Sudeshni; Vernillo, Anthony T
The focus of healthcare ethics within the framework of ethical principles and philosophical foundations has always, in recent times, been the community, namely, the healthcare provider, the patient or, in research, the study participant. An initiative is thus described whereby a community of practice (CoP) model was developed around health ethics in health research, education and clinical care. The ethics curriculum was redesigned to include several components that are integrated and all embracing, namely, health research ethics, healthcare ethics, health personnel education in ethics and global and public health ethics. A CoP is a group who share a common interest and a desire to learn from and contribute to the community with their variety of experiences. The CoP is dynamic and organic, generating knowledge that can be translated into effective healthcare delivery and ethical research. It requires the collaboration and social presence of active participants such as community members, healthcare professionals and educators, ethicists and policy makers to benefit the community by developing approaches that adapt to and resonate with the community and its healthcare needs. Philosophical principles constitute the foundation or underpinning of this innovative curriculum. Recommendations are presented that will continue to guide the consolidation and sustainability of the CoP. (c) 2013 S. Karger AG, Basel.
PMID: 24008866
ISSN: 1011-7571
CID: 627022

Oral manifestations of systemic disease

Chapter by: Ibsen, OAC; Phelan, Joan A; Vernillo, AT
in: Oral pathology for the dental hygienist by Ibsen, Olga A.C.; Phelan, Joan Andersen [Eds]
[S.l.] : Saunders, 2014
pp. 278-282
ISBN: 9781455703708
CID: 742662

Special access programs and clinical research trials-an integration long overdue

Vernillo, Anthony
PMID: 25325809
ISSN: 1526-5161
CID: 1309402