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Surgical retrieval and histologic evaluation of an endosteal implant: a case report with clinical, radiographic and microscopic observations

Gross, H N; Holmes, R E
An uncommon opportunity to study an endosteal implant after four months of normal healing is presented. After placement of titanium plasma-spray-coated, apical-vent implants in the mandibular molar area, a 55-year-old female reported discomfort around one implant. This implant was removed, despite normal healing, because of continued symptomatology. Radiologic findings, and remission of symptoms after surgical removal, supported the possible etiologic mechanism of canal roof compression. Histologic preparation and imaging of the specimen permitted the evaluation and measurement of the bone growth between the apical vents and bone apposition against the internal vent surfaces. The bone growth was fiber bone, well-mineralized, and occupied 33.8% of the area within the implant perimeter. The bone apposition against the titanium coating was intimate, and 41.1% of the internal vent surfaces were covered with bone ingrowth. The presence of bone healing sufficient to absorb the loads of prosthetic abutment reconstruction is supported by these histologic and histometric findings
PMID: 2640241
ISSN: 0160-6972
CID: 152006

A thirty-two year implant retrospect and prospect

Gross, H N
PMID: 6930066
ISSN: 0028-7296
CID: 152026

Rational use of endosteal implants

Gross, H N
PMID: 277679
ISSN: 0022-3913
CID: 152012

The use of three dimensional implants to salvage existing permanent prostheses

Gross, H N
PMID: 270593
ISSN: 0160-6972
CID: 152010

Psychological considerations in case planning: case report

Gross, H N
PMID: 5215390
ISSN: 0028-7296
CID: 152024