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Ison, J; Kosinski, R; Fantasia, J
ISSN: 2212-4403
CID: 2735782

Methemoglobinemia in a newborn: a case report [Case Report]

Bayat, Ali; Kosinski, Ronald W
The purpose of this report was to describe a case of methemoglobinemia involving different systemic complications as a result of local anesthetic injection with lidocaine in a 2-day-old female patient. Acquired methemoglobinemia is considered a major, potentially life-threatening complication. There are several reports of this complication related to anesthetic agents, most commonly prilocaine and benzocaine. It can involve patients of different ages, but it is more common in children 6-years-old and younger, particularly those younger than 3 months. Widely used in dental practices for pain management, lidocaine is considered to be one of the safest anesthetic agents. Although rare, complications of lidocaine administration need to be addressed properly, and adequate training in diagnosis and management of these complications should be provided. Providers should weigh the risk and benefit of using these agents.
PMID: 21703079
ISSN: 0164-1263
CID: 1329282

Localized deficient root development associated with taurodontism: case report [Case Report]

Kosinski, R W; Chaiyawat, Y; Rosenberg, L
Dentinal dysplasia type I (DDI) is a rare disturbance in dentin formation. This case report illustrates different radiographic features from other reported DDI cases in that only one quadrant (lower right posterior teeth) has the characteristic of DDI and both right and left upper molars exhibit taurodontism. This finding might be a variation of DDI. However, it is possible that this type of developmental defect could occur because of regionalized abnormalities in cellular function and proliferation as occurs in regional odontodysplasia.
PMID: 10355016
ISSN: 0164-1263
CID: 1329292