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Gingival Fenestration Defect Treated with Gingivectomy and Gingivoplasty: A Case Report with an 8-year Follow-Up [Case Report]

Kajimoto, Natália de Campos; Buischi, Yvonne de Paiva; Loomer, Peter Michael; Pola, Natália Marcumini; Nagata, Maria José Hitomi; Bosco, Alvaro Francisco
INTRODUCTION/BACKGROUND:Gingival fenestration (GF) is scarcely reported in the literature. We present a unique case of GF defect combined with gingivitis and altered passive eruption (APE). CASE PRESENTATION/METHODS:An 18-year-old female patient with gingivitis, APE, and GF in the mandibular left central incisor presented for periodontal treatment. The gingival lesion was successfully treated with basic periodontal therapy gingivectomy, and gingivoplasty and resulted in an excellent aesthetic long-term outcome. This case report shows its 8-year clinical follow-up. CONCLUSION/CONCLUSIONS:There are no earlier reports dealing with the use of gingivoplasty for the treatment of GF, as it is not the usual therapeutic intervention for these defects. Gingivoplasty proved to be effective in treating GF.
PMID: 34523257
ISSN: 2163-0097
CID: 5018532

Adjuvant Therapy with 1% Alendronate Gel for Experimental Periodontitis Treatment in Rats

Kajimoto, Natália De Campos; Buischi, Yvonne De Paiva; Loomer, Peter Michael; Bromage, Timothy G.; Ervolino, Edilson; Fucini, Stephen Enrico; Pola, Natália Marcumini; Pirovani, Beatriz Ommati; Morábito, Maria Juliana Sismeiro; de Almeida, Juliano Milanezi; Furlaneto, Flávia Aparecida Chaves; Nagata, Maria José Hitomi
Purpose: The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of locally delivered 1% alendronate (ALN) gel used as an adjunct to non-invasive periodontal therapy. Methods: Ligature-induced periodontitis was performed in 96 rats. The ligature was tied in the cervical area of the mandibular left first molar. The animals were randomly divided into 4 groups: 1) NT, no treatment; 2) SRP, scaling and root planning; 3) SRP/PLA, SRP followed by filling the periodontal pocket with placebo gel (PLA); and 4) SRP/ALN, SRP followed by filling the periodontal pockets with 1% ALN gel. Histomorphometric (percentage of bone in the furcation region [PBF]) and immunohistochemical (receptor activator of nuclear factor-κB ligand, osteoprotegerin, and tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase) analyses were performed. Data were statistically analyzed, with the threshold of statistical significance set at P≤0.05. Results: The SRP, SRP/PLA, and SRP/ALN groups presented a higher PBF than the NT group (P≤0.01) at 7, 15, and 30 days. The SRP/ALN group presented a higher PBF than the SRP/PLA group in all experimental periods, as well as a higher PBF than the SRP group at 15 and 30 days. No differences were observed in the immunohistochemical analyses (P>0.05 for all). Conclusions: Locally delivered 1% ALN gel used as an adjunct to SRP enhanced bone regeneration in the furcation region in a rat model of experimental periodontitis.
ISSN: 2093-2278
CID: 4963292

Adjuvant therapy with alendronate gel 1% for treatment of experimental periodontitis in rats

Kajimoto, ND; de Paiva Buischi, Y; Loomer, PM; Bromage, TG; Ervolino, E; Fucini, SE; Pola, NM; Pirovani, BO; Morabito, MJ; de Almeida, JM; Chaves Furlaneto, FA; Nagata, MJ
ISSN: 2093-2278
CID: 4936002

Bleeding in dental surgery

Chapter by: de Campos, Natalia; Furlaneto, Flavia; De Paiva Buischi, Yvonne
in: Biosurgicals - The Next Frontier in Operative Approaches by Firstenberg, Michael; Stawicki, Stanislaw P
London UK : IntechOpen, 2020
pp. ?-?
CID: 4568772

Interproximal plaque and gingivitis reduction after comprehensive health promotion program [Meeting Abstract]

Loomer, Peter; Campos, N; Funari, S; Kimathi, M; Iqbal, K; Buischi, Y
ISSN: 0022-0345
CID: 4569002

Surgical correction of gingival augmentation at the anterior region of the maxilla

Campos, N; Hernandes, ANP; Morabito, MJSD; Buischi, YP; Nagata, MJH
ISSN: 2675-5610
CID: 4739722

Global Exploration: East Africa [Editorial]

Buischi, Yvonne A. De Paiva; Loomer, Peter M.
ISSN: 0198-7569
CID: 4568602

Your healthy mouth, your healthy life

De Paiva Buischi, Yvonne; Loomer, Peter M
New York : NYU Dentistry, 2019
Extent: 36 p.
CID: 4568812

Siri ya tabasamu la kupendeza = Your healthy mouth, your healthy life

De Paiva Buischi, Yvonne; Loomer, Peter M
New York : NYU Dentistry, 2019
Extent: 36 p.
CID: 4568822

Relation Between Periodontal Condition And The

Chapter by: Cirino de Caravlho-Filho, Paulo; Olcazak, Teresa; Mares de Miranda, Patricia; da Silva Mascarenhas, Monalisa Nobre dos Santos-Lima, Ellen Karla; de Paiva Buischi, Yvonne; Meyer, Roberto; Xavier, Marcia Tosta
in: Comunicacao Científica e Tecnica em Odontologia 3 by
Ponta Grossa : Atena Editora, 2019
pp. 85-95
ISBN: 978-85-7247-669-0
CID: 4568842