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George Washington's biggest battle? With his dentures, made from hippo ivory and maybe slaves' teeth

Maloney, William
ISSN: 2201-5639
CID: 3965162

Doctor John Henry Holliday : dentist and legend of the American West

Maloney, William J
ISSN: 1531-684x
CID: 3937542

Werner Syndrome, Cockayne syndrome and Rothmund-Thomson syndrome

Maloney, William J
ISSN: 0028-7571
CID: 3799792

The Scarred face of beauty : the oral and maxillofacial breakthroughs of Sir William Kelsey Fry

Fleisher, LR; Maloney, William J
ISSN: 1531-684x
CID: 3799802

The Unfortunate and Painful Dental History of George Washington: Dental woes are the great leveler of men and women. Few escape discomfort, not even America's first president

Maloney, William J
ISSN: 0028-7571
CID: 3546352

Lucy Hobbs Taylor: a trailblazing pioneer in dentistry

Maloney, William J
ISSN: 1531-684x
CID: 3426312

An increased incidence of exposure to fentanyl-contaminated heroin among illicit opioid users and the craniofacial manifestations of heroin use

Maloney, William J
ISSN: 0164-9442
CID: 3318222

Endorfinas, encefalinas y dinorfinas : el papel de los opiodes endogenos en el control del dolor en el cuerpo humano = [Endorphins, enkaphilins and dynorphins; the role of endogenous opioids in pain management in the human body]

Maloney, William J
ISSN: 1405-020x
CID: 3212412

The Oral and Dental Significance of Synthetic Cannabinoids

Maloney, William J
ISSN: 0028-7571
CID: 3247072

Subcutaneous Air Emphysema in Dentistry

Maloney, William J
es resulting in possible life-threatening complications such as airway compromise due to the accumulation of air in the retropharyngeal
ISSN: 2574-1241
CID: 3196662